Roadmaster Guardian Rock Shield

In just a few hundred miles, your motor home can kick up enough rock and gravel to cause thousands of dollars in damage to your towed vehicle. Protect your towed vehicle's windshield, finish and resale value with this attractive towed car shield. The Guardian™ is crafted from hollow rotationally molded high-impact polyethylene.

The center panel easily attaches to the tow bar mounting bracket. Connecting rods attach the two side panels. The Guardian™ can be removed in seconds. Fits all Roadmaster tow bars with Quick-Disconnects, including the Sterling, Falcon and Stowmaster.

The Guardian will not work with any MX or MS series brackets and will only work with brackets that use the Roadmaster Quick-Disconnects.

A Quick Disconnect and hardware is included with this offering, so the Rock Shield may be switched between vehicles.

Note that the following items are missing: (2) Quick disconnect pins and (2) Thumbscrews


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2012-11-24, 001, Front
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View of the Roadmaster Guardian Rock Shield, including a spare quick disconnect bar for XL mounting
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